My Favorite Game Cheats And Exploits Of All Time

To cheat, or not to cheat. That is the question. There are gamers today that literally spend hours trying to find ways to cheat in video games or to find exploits they can take advantage of. Besides looking to get ahead, back in my day besides walking uphill both ways through snow to school (said in my best old man voice), game developers also purposely put cheats and exploits in their games. Sometimes they were an easter egg for players to find. Sometimes they were there in place of the ability to save your progress in a game. We had no hard drives or memory sticks. Everything was hard coded into a cartridge. Whatever your reason in looking for a way to get ahead in [...]

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Beginner Tips For Warframe

As you probably know, I am a huge fan of the game Warframe. From its gameplay to its community to its unbelievable support from the developer (weekly updates… what other game is doing that?), in my mind it stands in a class all its own. If there is one knock against the game, it is probably its rather steep learning curve for new players. It can feel a bit overwhelming when you first start. Here are a few tips that can help ease you into the game. Excalibur When you begin the game, you are going to have an option of 1 of 3 Warframes to start with, Excalibur, Mag, and Volt. This is your starter frame. Just to be clear, every frame in the [...]

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Dominating Countdown in Destiny 2

We are on to week 3 of Destiny 2, and so far minus the issue of only having 2 playlists to choose from, I am loving PvP in this game. It really has been a lot of fun. Last week the Trials of the Nine featured the Countdown game type. We know this week it will be Survival, but Countdown will come up again. Plus, it is always a part of the competitive playlist. I wanted to pass along a few tips that my friends and I are using to really crush it at Countdown (we went flawless in Trials). First, for those not familiar with Countdown, it is your typical one side plant the bomb while the other side defends the bomb sites game [...]

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Destiny 2 – Tips For Leveling Up Your Power Fast

We are almost a week into Destiny 2’s launch, and right now most players are grinding to get “raid ready” as they try to get their power level up to over level 300 before Destiny 2’s first raid drops on September 13th. If you have not had a chance to dive in as much as you wanted yet and are feeling a bit behind, don’t worry. I have you covered. Here are a couple of tips that will keep you from wasting time and help you to level up faster. I’m going to separate the grind into 3 stages. Power Level up to 200. Power Level 200 to 265. Power Level 265+. Up to Power Level 200 First, to get to level 200, do the [...]

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