We are almost a week into Destiny 2’s launch, and right now most players are grinding to get “raid ready” as they try to get their power level up to over level 300 before Destiny 2’s first raid drops on September 13th. If you have not had a chance to dive in as much as you wanted yet and are feeling a bit behind, don’t worry. I have you covered. Here are a couple of tips that will keep you from wasting time and help you to level up faster.

I’m going to separate the grind into 3 stages.

  • Power Level up to 200.
  • Power Level 200 to 265.
  • Power Level 265+.

Up to Power Level 200

First, to get to level 200, do the campaign. Go the whole way through the campaign collecting all the gear you can along the way. Do not get too attached to any specific gear. Do not waste materials at this point infusing anything. I don’t care how much you love that exotic gear piece. You will want to save those Legendary Shards and other materials for later on.

Also, in Destiny 2 there are no Strange Coins. We will be using Legendary Shards to purchase items from Xur this time around. All the more reason to save them.

Power Level 200 to 265

Once you complete the campaign, you should be at level 200 or very close to it. This starts the second half of the grind. Between level 200 and 265, you mostly want to just grind the open world. You are going to collect blue gear that will get you to 265.

Hit the public events. Do the Adventures. Go through all the Lost Sectors. Doing these will give you tokens for the world you are on. For example, you get EDZ tokens for completing these activities in the European Dead Zone. You can turn these tokens in to Devrim Kay to level up your EDZ standing and earn rewards.

It is more efficient to stay on one planet. Traveling between the planets will split up the tokens you get. I would just focus on one of the factions.

You will also be given some endgame quests after completing the campaign. You can do some of these, but I would hold off on finishing them until you get to 265. Some of the rewards can be pretty high, but they will be lessened if your Power Level is under 265. Save them.

One nice change from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2 is that you no longer have to make sure you have your highest gear equipped when turning in quests for rewards. The game will automatically check your inventory and vault and calculate your highest possible Power Level. Your drops will be based on that, not your equipped Power Level.

There is also no reason to horde your engrams anymore. The Power Level of equipment drops is determined at the time of the drop, not when you go to the Cryptarch to decrypt them. No holding onto all those engrams until you hit the next plateau level.

The exception to that rule is luminous engrams, which you get from some of the venders. The Power Level of these items is determined when you pick them up, so you might want to hold off on them until you hit 265 or higher.

Power Level 265 and Beyond

Once you hit 265, the real grind begins. The grind to 300 and beyond. Blues are capped at 265, so they won’t do you any good anymore. That is why this part feels like it goes much slower.

If you saved your final steps of quests like I recommended, you can finish these now. Same with the luminous engrams at vendors.

Most of the activities I mentioned above, are not going to help anymore or very rarely. Now you want to focus on doing Flashpoints. You get these from Cayde. You can replay a select group of missions by speaking to Ikora. These are called Meditations. Pay attention to milestones. They can also drop some higher level rewards.

There will be exotic quests to obtain the MIDA Multi-tool, Rat King, and Sturm. These will drop at higher Power Levels.

If you have a good group with you, do the Nightfall Strike. This will drop powerful loot on completion, plus when you return to Zivala he will give you even more stuff.

Right now, Power Level 350 is the max, but around 300 seems to be the cap you can get to before the raid drops. Once that drops, there will be the raid and challenge modes in the raid to get higher level gear to get to 350.