Oberon Prime has been dropped from Prime Access and those who sign up now will get Hydroid Prime and a whole bunch of goodies. It is priced at $79.99 and comes with 2625 Platinum in addition to:

· Hydroid Prime: Command the ocean’s fury with this king of gold and silver.
· Hydroid Prime Glyphs: Show your devotion for the king of the sea with all-new Glyphs!
· Nami Skyla Prime: Forged by a forgotten master, these exquisite blades are bounty from a golden-age long gone.
· Ballistica Prime: The beauty of this luxuriously gilded crossbow cannot obscure its lethal purpose.

· Sardin Prime Sugatra: Hook this silvery sleek Sugatra onto any blade.
· Spritsail Prime Armor: The swooping lines of this prime armor evoke a ship at sea.

Hydroid and Hydroid Prime received an update in the last patch. He was not a very popular frame before, but his new abilities make him pretty powerful, especially for crowd control. If you were on the fence about signing up for Prime Access before, this might be the one worth grabbing.