Massive has recently released some details about the upcoming 1.8 patch to The Division. There are 3 significant changes that you should be aware of. These changes are big enough that they may actually bring back some old players who have dropped the game, which I am pretty excited about.

First, the update is going to be opening up a new area of the map, West Side Pier. This is the area where you can see the aircraft carrier, Intrepid docked. It is an aircraft carrier long out of service that was turned into a museum.

We previously were able to adventure in this area once before. Some of you may remember that shortly after the launch of The Division, a way to glitch into this area was discovered. There were no enemies and nothing to do, but you could walk around and explore some of it. It led many of us to speculate that this part of the map would be opening up to players fairly soon.

In the new area will be a new game mode called Resistance. We do not have many details on Resistance just yet, but it is The Division’s take on horde mode where we will fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

Horde mode in games like Gears of War and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier were some of my favorite experiences in shooters. I am really looking forward to this.

Patch 1.8 will also be bringing us a new PvP mode called Skirmish. Skirmish basically 4v4 team deathmatch. They have said this will be on smaller maps than we saw for Last Man Standing and there will be no AI enemies. These were the two biggest complaints about Last Man Standing. It is long overdue that we have just a standard deathmatch game mode.

The last change I have mixed feelings about. In The Dark Zone, players could go rogue any time they chose. Massive is changing that. There is now going to be a toggle button to announce your intention to turn rogue. They have not said if we will need to pull up the menu to toggle this or if it will be done with a combination of buttons on the controller.

The big positive for this is that there will be no more accidentally going rogue. I cannot count how many times I have been hunting down a rogue group with other players or even just been in a firefight with AI and had another player walk in front of my gunfire, causing me to unintentionally go rogue. That will no longer happen, and for that I am thankful.

On the other hand, will this completely eliminate any surprise attacks? I love jumping unsuspecting agents and stealing their loot. I know. This is not popular with everyone and is a big reason many people quit the game. How much notice will other players be given of my intention to go rogue? Will it completely eliminate any chance of rogues grabbing the initiative? We will have to wait and see how it plays out.

Even if some of those play mechanics that I enjoy are eliminated, if it brings a bunch of old players back to the game, I can accept it. The player base needs to be maintained or even grown for Massive and Ubisoft to keep putting out patches like this, and if this helps do that, great.

Right now there is no other information about The Division Patch 1.8 other than it will be going live on the test server later this month. That means we might see a October or November launch.